Drum kit fundraiser

Youth Shed Fundraiser

June 20th - July 23rd, 2018

$25 - $1,000

Raising money to invest into an electric drum kit for the Youth Shed.

An electric drum kit that is durable, good quality (sound), and user friendly costs around $3000.
I believe that we can raise this! I would like to ask that you prayerfully consider whether this is something you are able to give towards.

Can You Help?

I write with the hope that together we can raise the necessary funds to purchase an electric drum kit for the Youth Shed. Why? Well, each week Youth and Kids Church meet in the Youth Shed to run their weekly worship services. I am sure you would agree with me that it is wonderful our young people can corporately worship together each week. I also think you’d agree that we want to make sure the Youth Shed has adequate resources to make this possible.

Over the last twelve months there have been a number of people working behind the scenes, investing their time, energy, and resources, to make some big improvements to the Youth Shed sound and audio-visual equipment. These changes have enabled Youth and Kids Church to do more in their weekly services. But there is further work to be done.

One of the major areas that we still need to see (or rather hear) improvement is with the drums. Because the room is quite small, when the acoustic drum kit is played – it can easily drown out the rest of the band. Not to mention the drummer being unable to hear the rest of the band and vocals.

The long and short is that an electric drum kit will solve many of the audio issues we are currently experiencing. It will contribute to helping Youth and Kids Church be able to do what they do — but even better!

An electric drum kit that is durable, good quality (sound), and user-friendly costs around $3,000. I believe that we can raise this! I would like to humbly ask that you prayerfully consider whether this is something you are able to give towards.

As well as bringing about an improvement to the sound in the Youth Shed, I also see the drum kit as an investment in those who will lead us in worship during our Sunday services in the future. It is significant for our up-and-coming drummers to have the ability to hear the band, play with intentionality, and, I believe, it will encourage them in their God-given talents and abilities. Plus, it will be a huge blessing to our Youth and Kids Church ministries!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and willingness to share.

In faith,



Sent Youth Camp

August 10th - August 12th, 2018


SENT is the 2018 state youth camp for the Reformed churches of SEQ, hosted by BPCC Youth!

We would love to have you join us for a weekend of fun, worship, fellowship, food, and spiritual growth!

SENT is running at MTCC Tambourine from the 10-12 August, expect bonfires, plenty of activities, great food (legendary camp chef Aart is cooking!), all as we think about how we are Called, Grown, and Sent as Christians.

Note that at the end of registration you can choose to pay a deposit and pay the rest later. If cost is an issue don't hesitate to talk to your youth group coordinator!


Young Adults Retreat

September 28th - September 30th, 2018


We are going to be spending a couple of nights away in Mudjimba, Sunshine Coast. More details are to come, but you can expect the following things:

  • A relaxed environment
  • Freedom to enjoy the beautiful Sunshine Coast
  • Time drawing near to God in worship, prayer and teaching
  • Building deeper friendships with your young adults community

Cost: $90 per person
Age: 18-30 (Sorry, no one under-18)

Register by 31st August 2018


Membership Course

October 28th, 2018

Interested in becoming a member of BPCC?
Join us for our next membership course Sunday 28th October 10.30am


Compassion Trip

March 9th - March 19th, 2019


Compassion Experience
Thailand - March 2019
At BPCC we sponsor over 130 children through the ministry of Compassion. The majority of these children come from the same region in Northern Thailand. In March 2019 we have the opportunity to visit our partner projects in Thailand, and even visit our sponsor children.

For more information:
3882 1989