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Parenting Course - The Toddlerhood Transition

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Parenting Course 
The Toddlerhood Transition
In just over a year, the helpless infant you took from hospital emerges as a little moving, talking, walking, exploratory person marked by keen senses, clear memory, quick perceptions, and unlimited energy.
In view of the fact that a toddler’s mind is driven by curiosity, a need to investigate and a tendency to try and rule the world with a smile or a scream, it becomes essential to consider the influence of the home as the principal learning environment, and Mum and Dad as the principal teachers.
This course will help guide you, as parents with an abundance of Biblical wisdom and truth as they parent their 18 months to 3 years and enjoy the amazing reservoir of joy this child brings. The power of a toddler’s embrace, the joy of his smile, the comfort of his cuddling, all teach us about a simple love that is pure and unmeasured.
Topics include:
· Structure and Routine
· The Nature of Conflict
· What is Obedience?
· How We Send the Wrong Messages
· What Does Correction Look Like?
The course is 8 weeks – we will be doing 4 weeks in Term 1 and 4 weeks in Term 2
Term 1 Dates:  
Wednesday evenings  28 February – 21 March 
Term 2 Dates: TBA

  • Leaders
  • Alicia Bongers

  • Geoff Bongers